Privacy Policy

    We @ Jay Ambe Tours and Travels… have always been serious about ‘Privacy’. Privacy in terms of our Customer’s personal information and its confidentiality. The Privacy Policy mentioned below explicitly describes the manner in which Jay Ambe Tours and Travels collects, uses and stores its Customer’s Personal Information…

    About the information we collect :

    Every bit of information collected by Jay Ambe Tours and Travels, comes to us right from the horses mouth i.e. Our Esteemed Customer.

    This information comes to us either by a Phone call or an E-mail (from our customer ).

    More information about our customer is also gathered from other sources and stored in our memory bank. The safe usage of collected information is done as described ahead.

    We only stick to the basics, as far as gathering information is concerned…

    When you fill our Booking Form, we only ask for information which is necessary to facilitate and smoothen your Pick-up / Drop process.

    We collect data whenever your Call comes to Rent a Vehicle, that’s when you speak to our Customer Service Personnel, who takes down your most required information, to be used as expressed earlier.

    Information about you is specifically and only used, to smoothen your Renting / Pick-up or Drop experience with Jay Ambe Tours and Travels.

    Jay Ambe Tours and Travels is morally committed to respect and safe guard your personal information and not use it for any other purpose except for the one mentioned before.

    We also promise Not to use your personal data for anything which ‘You’ haven’t agreed for.

    To secure and safe guard your Personal Information, we have taken all Technical Security measures which are in sync with International Protocols and Quality Standards.

    The Personal Information we collect while Booking:
    • Your Name – (which helps us address you)
    • Your Country of Residence, State & City – (helps us to give you the Best Rates)
    • Your Telephone number and email –  (to stay in contact when needed)
    Cookies Policy

    The depth of Customer Information required by Jay Ambe Tours and Travels is decided by our Fleet Insurance Company and our Company Management…

    As a Customer, you may email us for a detailed list of what Questions we ask.

    Jay Ambe Tours and Travels will at no time infiltrate or incorporate “ Cookies “ onto your computer or will at no time collect any personal or non –  personal information about you in any which manner while interacting with you via our Website(s) or by any other means.

    Your email id /phone number etc. shall be stored by Jay Ambe Tours and Travels ‘Only’ if you have Rented a vehicle from us / enquired about our Booking, Packages etc. / asked us to place you in our email list to receive Special Offers or Announcements.

    Normal emails for casual enquiries are not stored by us.

    Jay Ambe Tours and Travels promises to ‘Never’ sell, rent or give away your personal data to any outsider or any other party whatsoever.

    @ Jay Ambe Tours and Travels, we assure you and promise you that we will make every effort to safeguard & protect your privacy, during and after the rental.

    We assure you that we will not give away your information (name, number, email) to any outsider or party, which includes your family members who may enquire about your past, present or future rental.

    We shall only connect with those person/s that ‘You’ instruct us to, in case of an emergency. Violation of our rental contract will immediately negate your anonymity.

    Policy changes or Updates shall be reflected on our Website time to time.

    In case of any queries or confusion, please feel free to connect with us.

    Let us explain what a Cookie is?

    A Cookie… is basically a piece of ‘Data’ which is stored by a website, within the browser and later subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser.

    It is also referred to as an Http Cookie, Web Cookie or a Browser Cookie…

    These Cookies have been designed as a technical jargon, to be a memory mechanism for websites to remember past actions, things that a browser had done some days, weeks or months before. Like clicking some particular button, logging in or reading a page even some months or years ago.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Cookies on our Website are and do:
    Disclosure of your Information:

    In order to execute your booking we require your personal details like your name, address, email id and phone number.

    To execute your Booking, we may be required to pass on your information to our supplier(s) in some cases, though it is done through our password protected and encrypted secure site.

    We assure you that we will not sell or rent any personal information about you to a third party. However if situation demands, we may be forced to disclose information to a government or law enforcement agency, in connection with any investigations or legalities.

    Review / change in your personal information:

    At any given time you will be able to access your personal information and review it or change it. If in case you need to change it, please contact us immediately on the contact number for your country listed here.

    How to accept/reject/delete cookies:

    All the recent versions of popular browsers give users a certain level of control over cookies.

    A User can set their browsers to accept all or reject all or certain cookies. A User can set up their browser in a way that they get a Prompt Reminder each time a Cookie is offered.

    Your Browser set-up decides whether you will accept Cookies or not, whether you have opted to have your information recorded by the website or not.

    When you visit our website with – Accept cookies enabled, we take it as your consent.

    You can turn off cookies so that websites won’t record the information at all.

    Every browser differs from each other but each has the capacity to delete cookies if you set it accordingly, in the settings section.

    Cookies aren’t harmful as such:

    Cookies are generally safe and do not harm your computer or personal safety. Cookies only read our website and contain the information that you provide. A Cookies isn’t a virus, malware or spyware that can harm you in anyway. They are there to help us serve you better.

    Company Information

    This website is owned and operated by Jay Ambe Tours and Travelsleading car rental company in Ahmedabad, with Services all over Gujarat and surrounding States. Our Operations, Finance and Marketing offices is based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

    Thank you for Enquiring / Booking with us.